The Long-Awaited Classroom Photos

10:09 PM

I was all excited to post about the halloween decorations I put up in my classroom today when I realized...I never even posted pictures of my classroom once I finally finished it!!!!! How the worst am I?! I guess that gives an idea of just how CRAAAAZY the last FIFTY-EIGHT days have been since school started! (Also. WHHHHHAT?! 58 days??!?!) Next week marks the end of the first term which marks 1/4 of the way through the school year. WHAT. I can't even believe how fast it's flown. Oh, and in case I haven't mentioned this yet - TEACHING IS SO MUCH FUN. The planning is pretty awful and during the first few weeks I had maybe-a-few breakdowns after spending 15ish hours planning for the week - but now I'm in the routine of things and basically it's just like a party all day everyday with hilarious and energetic 11-12 year olds. (Who are the perfect captive audience for all of my ridiculous anecdotes and horrible knock-knock jokes. Plus, they have to boost my ego otherwise I take away tickets. hehe. 

...and you probably think I'm joking.... ;))

ANYWAY. Back to the good stuff: IT'S YOUR LUCKY DAY(s) because today started FALL BREAK which means I will be able to delight you all with ALL OF THE BLOG POSTS (or at least the ones I have neglected for the past 58 days).

 (For those of you not familiar with the blessed, blessed thing known as Fall Break, it's two days off from school for no other reason other than the wonderful fact that it is fall and the leaves are turning beautiful fall colors and the morning air is extra crisp. BTW, it is magical.)

Without further adeu: My classroom. (Or at least what it looked like a few months ago...the desks have been rearranged at least two times since these pictures were taken.)

^^the wall outside my classroom. In case you can't read it, it says, "Mrs. Olson's Class is going places!"
^^The view from the door. I've been considering putting letters on the top banner to say "Welcome" or something - but clearly I haven't gotten around to it yet...maybe during Christmas Break? haha.

^^I was pretty proud that I whipped these little bad-boys up in 20 minutes. I think they turned out pretty cute :)

So there you have it! Unlike the little baby flags... the other banner(s) took a stupid amount of time. ha. They did turn out basically how I pictured (which is a shock all on its own)....but the amount of time they took?!?!! I'm not sure they were worth it....

PS Did I mention I'm just days away from being ONE FORTH OF THE WAY through this school year???? THERE IS SIMPLY NO. WAY.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I should have another one very soon :)

  2. Your desk looks pretty bare - way to go keeping it neat and tidy! Can your students get tickets for bringing you an apple?

    1. Yaaaa well, this picture was taken before school started ;) I try to keep it pretty clear though...and dump all of my junk on the back table. haha. To answer you other question (on the other blog) yes, I will keep the same "world" theme for the whole year, but will decorate for seasons/holidays as they come along.

  3. I was actually going to text you a couple weeks ago asking when you were going to put up pictures of your classroom! Very cute!!

    1.'s about time! haha. I'll try to be more on top of things in the future :)

  4. I see Jay beat me to the comment on how clean your desk is! :) Even before I scrolled down to the other pictures I was guessing it was taken before school actually started!! Love ya :)

    1. Well thanks for the faith in me mom!!!! Haha. hasn't look quiiite that good lately, but I try to keep everything in a neat little stack :)

  5. I am impressed! It looks good and a fun classroom to learn in! Are those chalk boards?


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